Where to Fly Drones in Singapore 2024: Your Comprehensive Guide

Are you an avid drone enthusiast eager to explore the skies of Singapore? Before you take flight, it’s crucial to understand where you can operate your unmanned aircraft (UA) legally and responsibly. Whether you’re a recreational flyer or a commercial operator, knowing the ins and outs of Singapore’s drone regulations is paramount to ensure safety and compliance.

What is OneMap and why must you download OneMap before flying drones in Singapore?

OneMap stands as an indispensable tool for drone pilots navigating the skies of Singapore, offering a comprehensive platform tailored specifically for unmanned aircraft (UA) users. This innovative application serves as a one-stop solution, providing real-time updates on designated drone flying areas, essential permits required for operation, and critical geographical and regulatory information.

For drone pilots, OneMap’s significance lies in its ability to ensure safe and compliant flights by offering a detailed overview of both permitted and restricted airspace, including temporary restricted areas (TRA) during special events (Such as NDP rehearsal days or aerial displays.

By consulting OneMap before each flight, pilots can confidently identify suitable locations for operation, steer clear of no-fly zones, and stay informed about any airspace restrictions, ultimately promoting responsible and law-abiding drone operations across Singapore’s diverse landscapes.

OneMap for Drone pilots in Singapore
OneMap for Drone pilots in Singapore

To begin your drone adventure in Singapore, arm yourself with the indispensable tool for UA users: OneMap.

  1. Check out OneMap via your web browser here.
  2. Download OneMap via Google Play with your android phone
  3. Download OneMap via AppStore with your iPhone or iPad.

No-Fly Zones for drones and all UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles)

No-fly zones are areas where operating your UA without proper permits is strictly prohibited. These zones encompass various locations, including:

  • Within 5 kilometers of aerodromes (airports etc)
  • Danger areas
  • Protected areas under the Air Navigation Act
  • Prohibited and restricted areas

Keep in mind that additional local restrictions or specific conditions may apply in national parks, nature reserves, and private properties.

Navigating Temporary Restricted Areas (TRA)

During special events such as the National Day Parade, temporary restricted areas (TRA) may be established, prohibiting all aerial activities, including drone flying. Stay informed about TRA boundaries and durations by checking OneMap before planning your flights.

For example, the NDP rehearsal and the actual day would have tight restrictions on flying any drones near the NDP crowd.

Discover the Unmanned Aircraft Flying Area (UAFA)

For a dedicated space to enjoy recreational drone flying, look no further than the UAFA, aka Unmanned Aircraft Flying Area) at Pandan Reservoir. This community hub offers 16 hectares of flying area over the reservoir waters, complete with amenities like tables and benches for your convenience.

Remember to adhere to UAFA guidelines, which include:

  • Flying within designated areas marked by flags and water buoys
  • Avoiding flight over people, footpaths, and roads
  • Operating only between 9 am to 6 pm
  • Registering UA weighing above 250 grams before flying
  • Refraining from fuel-based and aeroplane UA operations

The Google map location of UAFA is here.

Getting to the UAFA is convenient, with bus services 30, 78, 78A, and 79 stopping nearby.

Inquiries and Feedback to CAAS if you need.

For any inquiries or feedback regarding drone operations, reach out to caas_utp@caas.gov.sg. Stay updated on site notices, including closures, by joining the UA Flying Areas Telegram channel.

Commercial UA Flying Areas

If you’re a commercial operator, be aware that certain flying areas may have fees and different operating hours. Refer to the respective company websites listed on OneMap for detailed information.

Let us fly drones safely and with passion!

Exploring the skies with your drone in Singapore is an exhilarating experience, but it comes with responsibilities. By leveraging tools like OneMap and adhering to regulatory guidelines, you can enjoy safe and fulfilling drone flights while respecting airspace regulations and the privacy of others. So, download OneMap, plan your flights responsibly, and embark on unforgettable aerial adventures across Singapore’s diverse landscapes.

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