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How do I sell on Shopee, Amazon, Qoo10, Lazada

If you are interested to sell on Shopee, Amazon (Amazon SG and Amazon USA are different marketplaces), Qoo10, or Lazada Marketplaces, you would be glad to know it is easy to get started.

We started more than 5 years ago selling in Qoo10, back when there were no other marketplace competitions.

Which marketplace do I start first? Shopee, Qoo10, Lazada, or Amazon SG?

Start off selling by this list, not just because of size of each marketplace, but based on the ease of listing, managing fulfillments, managing customer chat and customer service.

  1. Shopee
  2. Lazada
  3. Qoo10
  4. Amazon SG (Not Amazon USA)
  5. Carousell
Shopee Lazada Amazon Qoo10
Shopee Lazada Amazon Qoo10

You should start selling in Shopee first as this marketplace is the easiest to start and even allow you to sell using just a mobile phone.

Second marketplace I would suggest is then Lazada, as the interface is easy to list and the market size is large.

Shopee and Lazada are like iPhones while Qoo10 is like an Android phone. Most newbie in Qoo10 will be confused by the different tabs, different names, and different structures of the listing, but once you learn the steep learning curve, you will be rewarded with a large market, with even small sales from overseas. (Qoo10 SG will duplicate your Singapore listing for overseas sales to Korea, Indonesia, etc, etc. If your product is unique, you may see some overseas sales now and then)

So by the time you started on Qoo10, it would be a different experience compared to Lazada and Shopee, but you would gain a different customer segment too.

The last would be Amazon SG. Amazon SG is again, another different experience “android phone”, with their listing structure is similar to Amazon USA. If you are selling items that are not unique (many shops are selling your items), you just need to enter the barcode and it is listed in the shop, competing on prices or fulfillment alone.

Should I sell in Carousell?

For Carousell, if your items are not expensive, you may not want to list on Carousell due to the numerous customer chat required and manual coordination required. Carousell is nicked “Caroushell” for good reasons. We only recommend listing on Carousell if you have either lots of assistant to help you man the chats in Carousell or if your item has great profit to justify your time.

Fulfilment- How do I ship my goods for sales done by shopee, lazada, qoo10 or Amazon?

Here are a few couriers, logistic shipping partners in Singapore for ecommerce sellers.

  1. Ninjavan (partner with Shopee and Lazada)
  2. Qxpress (partner with Qoo10)
  3. J&T (partner with Shopee)
  4. Uparcel
  5. Pickupp
  6. Singpost (Either SpeedPost or just Singpost normal parcels)

Shopee and Lazada partnered with Ninjavan for most goods, you have to use Ninjavan (NJV for short). You can also use J&T for Shopee.

Qoo10 uses their sister logistic company, Qxpress.

Amazon SG, if you are not using their Amazon warehouse fulfillment, you can use any delivery services.

If you prefer to use your own seller’s fleet or your own logistic arrangement, you can. This is especially so for large bulky items or cold chain frozen or chilled items. You need to write in to Shopee and Lazada and they will allow you to do so. For Qoo10, you just need to set it to “Sellers Delivery”.

Where do I buy bubble wrap, polymailers, padded envelope, carton boxes, packaging solutions for shipping?

Your lowest cost option would be China. There are tons of low cost options in taobao and other China shopping platforms.

If you are only keen in small amount of packaging solutions, then you can use a few Singapore vendors

  • OR just search for polymailers or bubble wraps in Qoo10, Shopee or Lazada for many vendors’ sales

What are the commissions to sell in Shopee, Lazada, Qoo10 and Amazon?

They have different names, such as transaction fees, commission fees, platform fees etc. We just see it as costs of selling on their platforms

  • Lazada: 2.14% transaction fees + shipping subsidies $2.49
  • Shopee: 2.14% transaction fees + shipping subsidies $2.49 + 5.35% Cashback payment if you are in Shopee Cashback program
  • Qoo10: 9.63% to 10.7% to 12.84% for Normal Seller, Good Seller and Power seller. + $2 shipping subsidies for goods under Qprime

If you are wondering why are the platform fees in such weird numbers, this is because I added GST in the figures, which you have to pay for. Without GST, it is 2% for Lazada and Shopee, cashback of 5% for Shopee, and 9%, 10% and 12% for Qoo10 Normal Seller, Good Seller and Power Seller.

What are the different Qoo10 Seller Level?

All Qoo10 sellers started as normal sellers, paying 12% commission, and then moving up to Good sellers (10% commission), and then Power Sellers of (9% commission)

If your sales is at least $1000 for last month, and accumulated at least $10,000 in the last year, you will qualify as Good Seller

If your sales is at least $5000 for last month, and accumulated at least $50,000 in the last year, you will qualify as Power Seller

Power Sellers and Good Sellers need to maintain positive service standards which are really easy (especially compared to the more stringent level of Shopee or Lazada) as long as you ship well and reply to customer questions.

Skills an eCommerce manager should have

A great ecommerce manager, be it small traditional business or large corporate, should know these following basic skills

  • Copywriting. Keywords in titles to lure people in
  • Graphic design. The understanding of what graphic types attract
  • Sponsored keyword marketing, PPC (Pay Per Click), Click-Through-Rate, Sponsored search etc
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Price strategy
  • Cross-selling and upselling
  • Product Research
  • Warehouse logistic fulfillment
  • Customer Service and customer retention

Thankfully, most of these courses can be learnt via online youtubes, blog articles, and even courses on ecommerce digital marketing lessons.

How can I use skillsfuture to learn online selling skills, ecommerce or digital marketing skills?

The government is encouraging Singaporeans to upgrade and to learn more skills to keep ourselves employable. Imagine if you have ecommerce skills and able to help traditional business upgrade by selling their items online at Shopee, Lazada or Qoo10.

You can use your SkillsFuture Credit that the government has provided to every Singaporean adult to learn skills and upgrade their knowledge to be more productive in the new economy.

Your company wants to diversify, use skillsfuture to upgrade

If staff can help sell the company’s products online and improve outreach to customers, it will improve company revenue, profitability and of course the bonus and salary of all workers.

You can check these skillsfuture courses for ecommerce digital marketing.

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